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15747434_10154894875909487_6840949028893011266_nI love to research things, and find just the right thing to teach myself, or my children. I’ve been told that I’m good at finding things, if it’s out there to be found. I tak that as a compliment! This evening, January 28, 2017, it finally dawned on me, to SHARE what I find! To bless others with this information. This is where I’ll be updating a resource list, linked to the resource itself. 🙂

If you are searching for something, please leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to see what I find! Alright, lets get to it, in no particular order:


Torah Class, Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding, Adult classes and Middle to High School classes

Heart of Wisdom, Bible based Homeschooling, Charlotte Mason and Unit study inspired

Homeschooling Torah, Curriculum for every age, firmly based on the written Torah, pointing to Yeshua as Messiah.

Creation Unit Study, I’m so excited that you’re interested in going through creation with your children. Unit Study, free

1000 Good Books List, Classic Christian Education Support Loop

Biblical Homeschooling, Beyond classical homeschooling, there is biblical homeschooling.

The Climbing Tree, general blog, but she shares so much great info on Torah life, and raising a beautiful family.


Mamas Of The Tribe (MOT) Torah Observant Mama Group, a Facebook group that has been a WONDERFUL asset to me in my TO walk.

On That Day Ministries, Rehabilitating the Lions of Israel

Torah Sisters Magazine, Encouragement, Torah life, Family, Home, and more! Email sign up, emagazine.

Morah Morah, Teach Me Torah, Each week Tobey and Nechama teach their students about the weekly Torah portion, and the children re-enact the parashah through drama, stories, songs, and activities. Amazon purchase.

Jamerrills Large Family Table, Hi friends! I’m a Youtubing, Blogging, (soon) Podcasting Mom of 8 sharing “Where Real Life Happens!” including Enjoyable Homeschool📚, Large Family Life 🚐, Feeding a Herd🍴, Jesus + Coffee = Required ☕️! Feel free to find out more here.

Free Homeschool Deals, affording the homeschool life, blog

Mrs. Criddles Kitchen, Howdy & Welcome! I’m Sarah, wife, mama, & homemaker, who loves my family and LOVES to cook! Blog

Trim Healthy Mama,Authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett provide a comprehensive, Biblically-sound, effective and delicious way to eat for health and weight loss. Written with humor and thorough research, these books will entertain, enlighten and encourage women (and men!) to feed their bodies and souls the way God created us to thrive. Separating scientific realities from the fads, this book addresses the diverse needs of adults and growing children. You’ll never look at food and health the same way again





I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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