Parashat Vayera


Vayera: and He appeared

Welcome to Vayeira, 4th portion of this cycle. Just as a reminder, every week I’ll be sharing resources for adults and children alike, on that weeks Torah reading. This is a goal of mine this new Jewish year and what better way to learn more about our Scriptures than to do it as a family.

Erica and I hope that you’ll be blessed by these resources! We also hope that if you find any resources NOT on our list, please share them in the comments on this post! And if your family finds fun ways to dig into the parashat, please share those ideas as well. We all need a little inspiration from time to time!


Here are the resources for Vayera: 


My Jewish Learning: Vayera

The Yeshiva, Vayera Vayera

Chabad, portion Vayera

Chabad, weekly portion round up portion printable



Chabad weekly portion


Parashat on parade

Akhlah: Jewish Childrens Learning Network

Childrens Torah Portion, printable

Torah 4 Kids, songs



Edible Parashat portion


Crafts, activities, projects, others:


For Parents, the challenge of raising children

Mitzvah by portion, printable

Aleph Beta video

Organized Jewish Home, Parashat projects

Family torah portion, chabad

Living with the Parasha, article

Coloring page printable

Parashat lesson in a story

AISH video, for parents encouragement

YouTube playlist for Vayera

What’s New?

We’re hoping to expand what we’re collecting, to include topics of discussion that’ll enrich your homeschool, or nightly family time. The following links are stories related to the Torah portion, and offer some good discussion questions to various age groups. Please keep our project in your prayers! Thank you! 

Seeing The Good In People

Say Little, Do Much

The Kindest Thing

Getting Things Done

Looking for Good


Respecting Everyone

Jewish Hospitality

Final Thoughts

I want to leave you with one more article, and this is for parents, or couples too if you adjust some of the questions. This article from is a wonderful little activity to go through, and evaluate your family life, homeschool, goals as a couple even.

3 Ways to Give Your Family a Spiritual Makeover


Well my friends, thats about it for this week! May your week be blessed and fruitful in mitzvahs, growth and intimacy in your family.





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