Parashat Lech Lecha


Alright, Lech Lecha! Our 3rd portion of this cycle. How were last weeks links? Did they help you?! I know I used them during our homeschooling week for our Torah studies. It sure helped us dig a little deeper into Noach.

Just as a reminder, every week I’ll be sharing resources for adults and children alike, on that weeks Torah reading. This is a goal of mine this new Jewish year and what better way to learn more about our Scriptures than to do it as a family.

Erica and I hope that you’ll be blessed by these resources! We also hope that if you find any resources NOT on our list, please share them in the comments on this post! And if your family finds fun ways to dig into the parashat, please share those ideas as well. We all need a little inspiration from time to time!


This Week, we are on Lech Lecha! 

Gen 12:1-17:27

Isa 40:27-41:16

Our Adult resources:

Chabad main section

Chabad, in a nutshell

My Jewish Learning, lech lecha

Aish, main section

Aish, Lech Lecha Moving With Purpose

The Yeshiva, Lech Lecha

Lech Lecha: The Most Important Lesson We Can Teach Our Kids (And Ourselves)


Song for Parashat Lech Lecha

Aish printables, lech lecha

Torah 4 Kids, Lech Lecha

Organized Jewish Home, Lech lecha 

Tribe Spark, lessons by age group

Bim Bam video

Chabad for kids

Chabad, round up


Edible Parsha Project: Parshat Lech Lecha


Mitzvah Quest, mitzvahs by portion, this is a GREAT idea! Just click on Lech Lecha and get your family together to do a mitzvah!

Crafts, Discussion and more:

Aish 3 Minute Parenting Lech Lecha

Keeping little ones entertain on Lech Lecha

Hands on the Parashat, Playing with Torah, Lech Lecha

Weekly Parashat activities 

Pinterest craft one, and craft two

Aleph Beta video

YouTube play list for Lech Lecha

*This is NOT an exhaustive list by any means, and I imagine that as we get used to looking weekly, we’ll find more and more to add to the subsequent portions we put together. 

*Our religious focus is from the Jewish perspective, so all that we share will be from Jewish sources, or other Jewish families. 

This is a wonderful parashat, I hope you enjoy growing and learning together as a family! I know we have enjoyed pulling this list together for you, and know that it’ll bless you as it does for us.


Shalom, my friends, may your week be blessed!


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