Parashat Noach Resource List

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I have some exciting news! Every week, I’ll be sharing resources for adults and children alike, on that weeks Torah reading. This is a goal of mine this new Jewish year and what better way to learn more about our Scriptures than to do it as a family.

I’m also very pleased to announce that my good friend is helping me with this, and helping to gather resources with me. We are both homeschooling moms with a passion for Torah and it’s beautiful truth! We’ve wanted to collaborate together for sometime, but it never seemed right.

Until now!

We have both struggled with how to teach our children our faith. Because we’re both beginning on new journeys of faith ourselves, we didn’t’ want to leave our kiddos behind. Finding things to help us took some time, and we have expressed frustration in this area, to each other often. I started to share what I found with her, and visa versa. And I thought, why not share this with others, in a place that’s easy for people to mark and keep?!

Enter the blog. It’s an easy way to share for us, and easy for you to tag, pin, print, click to your hearts content.

And yes, we are starting a bit late, last week was the beginning of the new cycle in the readings. But everything is in it’s own beautiful timing.

So without further ado, here’s our resource list for Parashat Noach.

Gen 6:9-11:32

Isa 66:1-14


Chabad portion link

Noach in a Nutshell

My Jewish Learning, Noach

Aish links

Noach, Summary

My Jewish Learning, Noach


Chabad Noach of Kids

AISH printables

Parasha on Parade

BimBam Noach

Akhlah: Noach


Colorful food

Edible Parsha Project


Projects by Torah Portion, follow this link and click on the Parashat Noach for mitzvahs you can do! I love this idea, personally.

Crafts, Discussions, and more:

Table Talk

Rainbow craft

Youtube on Noach videos for children

*This is NOT an exhaustive list by any means, and I imagine that as we get used to looking weekly, we’ll find more and more to add to the subsequent portions we put together. 

*Our religious focus is from the Jewish perspective, so all that we share will be from Jewish sources, or other Jewish families. 



This is a wonderful parashat, I hope you enjoy growing and learning together as a family! I know we have enjoyed pulling this list together for you, and know that it’ll bless you as it does for us.


Shalom, my friends, may your week be blessed!





I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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