Inspired By Life

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Inspire

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5 minutes, free write, no editing! eeeeeeek!!!



INspire means action, to take action, to be moved to be SO moved that you can’t help but do the thing.

So much is ready to inspire, to cause creation, to be made content. What inspires the birds to fly, the wolf to howl, the bear to sleep? What makes the cats inspired to sleep in the sun, the eagle to float on the air currents?

What makes the child inspired to walk, to run, to climb and to speak? What causes the light of inspiration to light in their ees, when a new thought takes hold?

Inspired…everything inspires me. All things are worth of inspiration and thoughtful prose.




Not as many words as I can normally do…lol But there ya GO! šŸ˜€



  1. What an interesting concept, to find inspiration in everything. Perhaps we can do this by asking the Lord to grant us eyes to see the joy in each moment and the heart to recognize His presence, even when the day is hard.

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