Trim Healthy Mama – My Journey Begins


trim-healthy-mama-86441045_large.jpgI’ve known about Trim Healthy Mama, or THM for short, for some years now. Gosh, maybe 2-3 years?! This plan is food freedom, where you aren’t deprived of any one food group. You don’t count calories, or macros. I won’t go into too many details with this post, as it isn’t the point of this one. I’ll save those tips for a future post!

Before I Start This Journey

Right now, I need to be transparent about why I’m documenting this journey. For the past few months, my health hasn’t been very good. Worse than usual, since I also have Hashimoto’s Disease (for almost 8 years now).  My health has been down, more than up. I’m suffering from side effects of my Hashimotos’ as well as a new diagnosis: endometrial hyperplasia. The short and sweet of this, it’s a condition in which the endometrium (lining of the uterus ) is abnormal. So abnormal, I’ve had a cryoablation. My uterus got to -94, and I had to laugh at that part.

It’s been an emotional ride for me, which I’ve mostly kept to myself. You see, with this cryoablation, I’m now infertile. The finality of that hits me at times, and causes me to be pretty down. However, if it hadn’t been dealt with like this, the lining could easily have become cancerous. Double edged sword, we chose the less sharp side.

All of this to say, my body needs major healing, and as much support as I can give it. My hormones and immune system have been haywire for some time now, and I’m seeing more and more results of that. Negative ones. For me, I know the answer is THM. And for me, I know that I need to journal this ride and have people keep me accountable. Please be kind. Please be supportive.

Why Is This Time Different

This isn’t the first time I’ve geared up to ‘do’ THM. But this time I feel like I don’t have a choice. If I want to have energy, I’ll follow the plan. If I want to be there for my husband and my children, I’ll follow the plan. No more fighting. No more giving up.

I see the faces of my children, as they laugh and play. I see their faces, as they look to see if I’ve noticed what their doing. I see their faces, when they ask me to join in their play, and I can’t. My Mama heart breaks a little, each time. I’ve been so tired, to worn down, for so long…I’m not sure I’d know what energy would feel like. But I want to know.

I also want to know what it’s like to be free from the emotional rollercoaster of emotions! Thanks to my Hashi’s, my emotions experience a wide swing, from happy to sad and weepy. From anger to ‘eh’.


This past year, I’ve seen the increasing trends of people and food plans, fads, choices (Whatever you’d like to call it). Take these supplements, or that drink, or this pill…and all will be well. While I’m not saying names, nor am I calling friends liars…I know that before any of that would be beneficial to me, my body needs to be healthier. I need to face my fears and issues with food, first…before adding things into the mix. IF that is the way I’ll go.

Trim Healthy Mama isn’t a plan that will starve me. I won’t be missing any food groups. I don’t need ANY special ingredients, pills, shakes, drinks, etc, from them. I don’t need to be rich to follow the plan. My whole family will eat better, and benefit from THM.

Among other things, THM will help me to eliminate sugar from our diet. And to me, that is HUGE. Personally, I will also be avoiding gluten and dairy, because of personal choice. They have been shown to trigger Hashimotos’ and endometrial issues, respectively.

It’s a plan that I can utilize to feed my husband, myself and my growing children. Feed us well!

Due to the diagnosis my children received this Summer, I’ve also seen how following this plan will be perfect for dealing with sensory emotional swings, meltdowns, and more. Without the sugar, processed items, food dyes(personal choice again), my children will thrive without the undue influence of wrong for them food.

Final Thoughts

So…I will journal my journey on my blog. In the hopes that some of you will encourage me, and be encouraged in return. I promise to be real, be honest in sharing this with you.

Here’s to a healthier me, and a healthier you! ❤

(P.S. I will not be weighing myself, or measuring myself. I fear that if I do either of those, my mind will latch onto those numbers as the gauge of my success…instead of my health being my success. I will take pictures from time to time, though.)




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  1. G-d bless you as you make this change in your life. To live better physically will help living better spiritually.

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