Steady, And Go!

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Word is: Steady



I once had a steady faith, that seemed so sure and so foundational. The past two years have been about a renewed faith, one that I didn’t see coming. I started to see things in a new light, and felt like things were started to click. Things were making sense, where once I had confusion, I now had some clarity.

This might seem contradictory, but at some point, I realized that I had questions, and no answers in mainstream Christianity. I got the same answers over and over again, but the thing is…they sure didn’t seem like answers. They just raised more answers.

I want my steady faith back, and I will. I am. Two years into this journey, and I’m seeing the fruit of ‘steady’ come back. Slowly, and surely. Time and Hashem will tell me how far I go, and what I learn when…of course I know this path I’m on now, has some friends concerned for my faith.

I’ll leave this with this thought: I follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One to whom Yeshua pointed too, and the One who is eternal. I do not choose to follow the nations gods, or participate in the nations holidays anymore. Hashem is enough. More than enough! 😉


*Hashem means ‘The Name’ in Hebrew transliteration.

Thank you for reading through this, may Hashem gives you peace, and a steady faith.




    • I take comfort in the fact that certain things I’ll never be shaken on, and that in the end, my faith will be much stronger!!!

      It’s still a process though!

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