Into The Future: #FMF Post

5 Minutes free write, 1 word prompt, 0 editing.

Word: Future


The future? Is it about the future, or about the past? How do I look ahead, without careful study of the past? The mistakes, the lovely outcomes, all of it??

I can’t…so into the future, come I, with my past, my mistakes, my blessings, my ups and my downs, my fears, my hopes, it’s all coming with me…

Only YHVH can change me enough to change the future, so that mistakes don’t happen, or for those beautiful moments that come with life.

A touch of a chils hand, tender on my face.

The laughter of siblings engaged in a fantastical tail in their shared imagination.

The warmth of the sun on their sweet skin.

The smell of good food on the stove.

The meow and purr of happy cats, warm in my lap.

The lofty aroma of coffee, first thing in the morning.

The tears of heartbreak and fear, when one more thing happens.

The anxiety over how bills are paid.

The forced smiles, so they don’t see the weight of being an adult.

Such things come with me, these days…and the only thing I see is hope for the future. The only thing I’ll hold on tight too, is hope.



Shared over at: 5 Minute Friday


It’s been a long time…so long since I’ve seen this blog. We go through seasons, don’t we?



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