March Goals & Updates!

Earlier this month, I posted some goals I wanted to accomplish this month of February. Let’s see how well I di, shall we?

February Goals Updates

Home – Re-caulk the old shed, declutter homeschool/bookcase area I did get to the decluttering! Woot Woot!

Family – Continue with processed food free, and sugar free. Implement Trim Healthy Mama full time! This has sadly not happened. We have also allowed a few more ‘no’ items back in.

Marriage – Praying for our communication, Check in with each other weekly I think I need to schedule this, and then use an alarm, so create this habit. It didn’t happen.

Parenting – Teach the 10 Commandments, memorize! This didn’t happen either.

Homeschool – Work through Rod and Staff workbook,  Math-U-See, Torah portions, Mommy made unit studies, and enjoy reading together This didn’t happen…explanation below.

Personal – Read 1 book for pleasure, Take more time to practice deep breathing for stress management, eat well! I’ve taken many deep breathing moments, this past month!

Why Didn’t I Accomplish Anything?!

So here’s to the why, that a lot didn’t get accomplished this month, like I’d hoped. The short of it is this: I went back to work.

My time has been spent on different priorities, than those I laid down at the beginning of the month. Namely, trying to figure out our new normal, and getting things set up to share ‘teacher’ status with my husband. We will both be doing homeschooling, for awhile, so things need to be clearer, than if it has just remained me being the main teacher.

We’re both in a learning curve on this, and the children are understandably up and down as we ALL get used to our new schedules.

Also…we’ve begun the process of getting the children evaluated at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for behavioral issues. Between playing phone tag with their pediatrician, and PCH, it’s been a process already, but we’re told that this is the best course of action for the kids. So we’ll stick with it!


March Goals!

I think my goal for March, is just to survive and keep plucking along until we find our new footing with how things are now. This is the kindest goal I can give myself, low pressure is awesome! LOL


What are you goals for this coming month?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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