Our Top 5 Recipes – Right Now


Favorite Recipes – Right Now!

Food, don’t we all just love it?! There has been times, though that food has been a huge enemy for me. There have been times that food has made me feel worse, ill, etc. Right now, I’m finding that my body is responding well to the changes in my diet. I’ve hit week 3, or so, and I’ve noticed some great changes!

Without further ado, though, here are those recipes I’ve been enjoying lately:

  1. Taco Beef, over butter lettuce, with cilantro dressing
  2. Wonder wraps*, with scrambled eggs, salsa, and a little Greek yogurt
  3. Fat Boy Pizza, with side salad and dressing
  4. Oat Waffles*, with warm strawberries with erythritol
  5. Chicken Parmesan*, over spinach, with salsa and sour cream

*These are Trim Healthy Mama recipes, and as such I cannot share the recipes with you. They would be found in the cookbooks that Pearl and Serene did together!

Healthy Eating Update

I’ve briefly touched on our current health goals last month, so maybe I should address them fully here. If you’re here for just the recipes, y’all can stop reading now! I’ll be sharing a little of our eating history and where we want to go now with it.

The good, bad and ugly of our eating history is this: We ate processed foods (too many for me to count), we drank soda, we ate out a lot(fast food), we ate gluten..we ate all the things we shouldn’t be eating. And boy did we all have repercussions from eating this way. Even my husband, who doesn’t need to avoid nearly as many things as the kids and I do.

Here’s where we want to be, and are working towards: no processed foods, no soda, no eating out, no gluten, no sugar, no dyes, no additives, etc. Eat plenty of veggies, good proteins, water, herbal teas, homemade lemonade, coffee (without creamer!), fruits, good sources of carbs – like sweet potatoes, brown rice, root vegetables, quinoa, and so forth.

For nearly 3 weeks now, we’ve been cutting things out of our menu, and have had some interesting adjustment periods, namely migraines, short tempers, sleep changes and more. But wondrously, my children’s appetite is getting better and better!! As a result, my daughters tantrums seem to be abating as well.

Personally, I’ve noticed I haven’t had any…ahem…bathroom accidents in the last week to week and a half. Those accidents that happen when you sneeze, cough, or laugh? Nope, not a single one!

I’d given up coffee for the month of January, for personal reasons, and as a result I enjoyed much more tea.

Eating Well Is a Process

Basically, it’s a process, to weed the bad stuff out, and allow the good stuff to shine! We all love the foods we eat, though at times we miss the ease of packaged foods, or sweets we used to have. I’ve given some thought to allowing certain dishes back into our menu, if I can make it more healthy.

To those outside the family, it may have looked like we cut things out all at once, but in reality, it was a slow weaning of things as we went. The kids even had a slow weaning off of juice. They now drink water, or herbal tea.

The first few days, I focused on a low-carb diet, but found myself really desiring some carbs. So I turned back to Trim Healthy Mama, and followed the lifestyle changes they recommend, in the right portion sizes. It sure helped me feel better, because I needed that energy from carbs.

The focus for February , is to have more THM meals and days, than not, always working together 100% on plan.

Weight and Health

As of the writing of this post, (late Jan) I’ve lost 6lbs, and a total of 13 inches from my body. With my thyroid disease, I’ll take slow and steady with weight and inches. I just praise YHVH for showing THM to me, and for the resolve to continue with it, even when I ‘screw’ up.

I feel a little more awake and alert, I feel like a little more energy is coming back. If this trend continues I’ll be SO happy. I’ll be honest with you, even though a smaller number on the scale would be lovely, I just want to be healthy and to FEEL healthy and energetic. I’m literally tired, of being tired.


Have you made any changes to your diet this year? Are you sticking with them? I’d like to encourage you too! You made the choice to be healthy for a reason, so remember your reason, and if the plan doesn’t work…keep trying until it does.

Shalom, Friends



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