February Goals


Last month, for January, I had some goals I wanted to accomplish! Let’s see how I did with them, shall we?

January Goals Updates

  • Home – Get new shed organized, and decluttered. Old shed needs to air out, then re-caulk it.We did all of that, except re-caulking it. We threw a tarp over it, instead.
  • Family – This month, we will be focusing on eating non-processed foods, and removing sugar from our diet. We’ve done fairly well with this! I’m proud of us. We’re not 100% but OH so MUCH better!
  • Marriage – Commit to praying for our communication, as we aren’t the best at this. GO ON A DATE! I could do better, in praying for us…and we went on a date of sorts!
  • Parenting – Teach the children the 10 Commandments. (memorize!) This would be a fail…sigh…
  • Homeschool – Finish Creation Unit Study, continue working through 1 workbook! I’m proud so say that we DID THIS!! Woot! 🙂
  • Personal – Do word study on ‘trust’ in the Scriptures, write 10,000 words. I’ve typed 10,000 words, but didn’t get to the word study, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t.

February Goals

Home – Re-caulk the old shed, declutter homeschool/bookcase area

Family – Continue with processed food free, and sugar free. Implement Trim Healthy Mama full time!

Marriage – Praying for our communication, Check in with each other weekly

Parenting – Teach the 10 Commandments, memorize!

Homeschool – Work through Rod and Staff workbook,  Math-U-See, Torah portions, Mommy made unit studies, and enjoy reading together

Personal – Read 1 book for pleasure, Take more time to practice deep breathing for stress management, eat well!


Those are simple, but attainable goals, I think. How about you, where are you on your goals this month? Share below, your good, bad and ugly results! I wasn’t perfect, nor do I think I’ll ever be.

Shalom, friends!



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