Attending Our Congregation


Update: We truly have a wonderful congregation. They are warm, welcoming and joyful to be around.

We Have a Congregation To Attend

I’ll be honest with you…we haven’t been great at attending our congregation. We have one, we’re VERY blessed to have one, yet we don’t take the opportunities to join with fellow believers. I’m in a group of woman TO followers, and I know that many struggle with loneliness and lack of fellowship…so I know I’m being reminded to get back into going.

There are a few families which go, that have children around the ages of our children. We’ve been honored, this month, to have one of those families over, to fellowship with. I had a good opportunity to chat with the other Mom and realized a few things.

As Mom’s we’re lonely. We need friendships, we need to get all of the littles together, let them run a little wild, and kick back with another mom and realize that the frustration is normal. That the tantrums are normal. That the depth of ‘hard’ is normal. But also…the beauty of motherhood is also normal. The gift of seeing the light come on, in something  a child has learned, is normal.

And both are okay. We’ll make it through!

What Keeps Me From Going

Here’s another honest piece from me…I don’t go to shul because my children are wild. They are unruly. I feel instant Mom-guilt every time they are in a situation that many would like children to be quiet in.

I feel like at this age, children should be a little wild, but this belief doesn’t bode well for quiet, sit-down settings. Oh boy, here comes the guilt again, just confessing these things to you.

I fully understand that children should always be able to behave, and I agree with this. My children just aren’t used to being ‘taught’ things sitting down (sitting still). I let them wiggle at home, I let them play quietly on the floor when I read stories, I let them take breaks if they need them.

None of these things, I feel they are able to do, at their Shabbat School…which makes me really sad! They NEED to be around other children, who are learning the same things they are at home, and see that they aren’t alone.

I don’t honestly know how to address this, so I suppose I’ll be praying about this.

How Will I Manage Getting Back To Shul

Getting back to shul just takes me putting my big girl panties on, and going. It’s really that simple. That, and having a plan for what to do, when the kids misbehave, when they are too rowdy, etc. And also, realizing that sometimes I’ll just have to come home early, to make a point to them, how serious Mommy is.

I long for my children to have friends, who are being raised with the same beliefs they are. I long for friends myself, who hold these beliefs. When we get older, it’s harder to make friends, but it’s NOT impossible!

Attending shul, and being faithful in going, will give our family the fellowship, support and friendships we so desperately need in this life.


Do you have the opportunity to go to a TO congregation? (Or Messianic one?) If so, do you? If not, what do you do, to fellowship with others?

Shalom, friends



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