Creation Unit Study – Lessons 13 & 14

Welcome Back!


Lessons 13 and 14, the final lessons, will be included in this post. Remember to refer back to the Intro post for links to Pinterest, booklists and more, also the page I’ve created for this study!


Lesson Thirteen  
  1.  Do chores, to prepare house for guests
  2.  Remember manners please thank you, etc discuss why they are necessary in hospitality
  3.  Shabbat chore list : Cleaning For Shabbat
Lesson Fourteen  
  1.  Decorate, set Shabbat Table, select music and help to welcome guests. Be hospitable
  2.  Enjoy your Shabbat dinner!!!!
Thank you so much for going through my unit study. Please do not hesitate to share other sources of fun things to do, or learn, that you’ve learned in your own searches with your children. Your additions can only make my humble study better!
Shalom, friends

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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