Creation Unit Study – Lessons 11 & 12


Welcome Back!

Lessons 11 and 12 will be included in this post. Remember to refer back to the Intro post for links to Pinterest, booklists and more, also the page I’ve created for this study!


Lesson Eleven  
  1.  Review days 4-6 of Creation, go over what you weren’t able to the first time!
  2.  Explore what captures interest for the day
  3.  Go visit a zoo, or friends farm, or another activity from Pinterest
Lesson Twelve  
  1.  Go shopping to purchase food for special dinner
  2.  Identify all items bought, color, shape, amount needed, as necessary, Help put away when at home
  3.  Read through recipes you’ll use, and discuss the order in which to do things. Point to there being order to creating Creation, as well as in cooking
If you have any tips on how I can fill out this study, please feel free to share in the comments below!!
Shalom, friends

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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