Creation Unit Study – Lessons 7 & 8



Lessons 7 and 8 will be included in this post. Remember to refer back to the Intro post for links to Pinterest, booklists and more, as well as the page I’ve created!


Lesson 7
  1.  Day 7 – He rested and commands us to rest
  2.  Torah Tots information on Shabbat
  3. Discuss shabbat being Sat, and why Christians do Sunday
  4. Have challah, wine, candles, Tzdakah box and special clothes out, explain meaning behind these, bread of life, blood shed for sin offering, light of the world, charity and compassion to others, reverence and honor to YHVH
  5. Explain those are traditions, we don’t have to do them. We choose to do them because they remind if YHVH commands and words about himself.
Lesson 8 
  1.  Watch- Shalom Sesame Shabbat episode
  2.  Go on nature walk, to discuss all the things YHVH created.
  3.  Optional: Notebooking-draw something you enjoy about Shabbat, Thank YHVH for giving you Shabbat.


If you have any tips on how I can fill out this study, please feel free to share in the comments below!!
Shalom, friends

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