Fuel Cycle Notes & Recipes

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Trim Healthy Mama

I’m sharing a Trim Healthy Mama fuel cycle menu plan, from 2015, that I followed at the time. I enjoyed all the recipes, so I know I’ll be adding them back into our menu on a regular basis!! I was looking through the old book/cookbook, and found the menu, and the notes I took. I knew I had to share them with y’all!!

Now, if you’re not familiar with Trim Healthy Mama, I think you should get familiar with it! In a nut shell, it’s a plan for eating, for your lifestyle. It’s not a fad, or a diet. You can have all of the food groups, just eat them differently. There are a few things that aren’t okay on plan, those are things like sugar, white rice, white potatoes, things like that.

It’s given me a sense of food freedom, y’all. So many diets in our society tell us that XYZ are bad for us, SHOULDN’T eat them, and others will say XYZ are GREAT to eat, we SHOULD eat them…it’s too confusing! Science seems to back both sides, so how is a busy, tired, worn out Mama (like myself) supposed to figure what’s best for her body?!

Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett have a witty way of getting to the bones of diet issues, making a gal feel relaxed and start to feel the weight lift from her shoulders. Reading their books, is like having a big sister come along-side you, and gently show you how to fuel your body the best possible way, while still allowing yourself yummy, ‘naughty’ dishes and drinks.

Menu Plans!

Right…so enough about THM for now, and onto the menu plan and the notes I took. 🙂

*These recipes are from the old book, wherever a recipe is in the new cookbook, I’ll share that page as well*

One Week Fuel Cycle

Deep S Days:

  • No berries, seeds, nuts, or dairy (limited parm is okay)
  • No Grains, fruit or beans at all
  • Fill up on the fats!

Day 1 – Deep S

  • B- 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil or butter, and sautéed bell peppers and zucchini
  • S- Skinny Chocolate, FSF (Old book, pg371, new book pg 377 and old book pg 240, new book pg 418)
  • L-Grilled buttered chicken, over salad greens, with 1 teaspoon parm
  • S- Hardboiled eggs, with bell pepper slices and mayo dip
  • D- Spicy Beef Stir Fry, over cauliflower rice
  • Dessert – Macaroons, omit nuts as hey aren’t slowed during Deep S (old book pg 376)

Day 2 – Deep S

  • B-Leftover stir fry
  • S- Bell peppers sliced, mayo dip, chicken strips
  • L- Steamed cauliflower with butter and 1 teaspoon parm, grilled chicken
  • S- Chocolate PB shake
  • D-Broccoli and Chicken lemon stir fry

Day 3- Deep S

  • B- 2 fried eggs, sautéed veggies
  • S- Macaroons
  • L- Leftover Stir Fry
  • S- Hardboiled eggs, small cup of salad greens and mayo dressing
  • D- Taco Salad, greens salad
  • Dessert – Skinny Chocolate


Fuel Pull Days:

  • Limit fruit to berries only
  • Fill up on non-starchy veggies
  • No grains, beans or starchy veggies
  • Low-fat dairy in moderation

Day 4 – Fuel Pull

  • B- Cookie Bowl Oatmeal, FSF (old book, pg 232)
  • S- Pickles wrapped in turkey with LLC
  • L-3oz chicken breast over spinach, lemon juice dressing
  • S- Tomato and cucumber salad, FSF
  • D- Fuel Pull Salad, (old book, pg301)
  • Dessert – 0% Greek yogurt, with handful of strawberries

Day 5- Fuel Pull

  • B- 0% Greek yogurt, with handful of strawberries, FSF
  • S- Big Boy Smoothie (old book, pg 242)
  • L- Fuel Pull Salad
  • S – LLC, tomato slices, in lettuce wraps
  • D- Chicken breast, broccoli and zucchini(steamed)
  • Dessert – FSF


E Days:

  • Lean proteins
  • Switch up the E source
  • All the fruits are okay, just don’t overdo
  • Egg whites!
  • Low-fat dairy is great

Day 6- E

  • B- Trim Healthy Pancakes, FSF (old book, pg 223, new book pg 259)
  • S- 0% Greek yogurt, with 1.5 cups of strawberries
  • L- Cajun Cottage Cheese Salad, over greens (old book, pg 303)
  • S- Chicken breast with sweet potato, FSF
  • D- Dirt-E Rice, from The Coers
  • Desserts – 0% Greek yogurt, with strawberries

Day 7- E LAST DAY!

  • B-Leftover Dirt-E Rice
  • S- Cottage berry Whip, (old book pg 379)
  • L-Chicken over quinoa, with side salad
  • S- FSF, apple with PB flour dip
  • D- Sweet potato and chicken bake, with side salad
  • Dessert – Leftover Trim Healthy Pancakes, with Polaners Peach Jam and 0% Greek yogurt

You’re done!!!

My Notes for This Week’s Experience

For the Deep S days, Skinny Chocolate was a lifesaver. Having it made already, and at my fingertips, helped me beat some of those sugar cravings we all know and love. These days were also the easiest for me to do, surprise, surprise!! Also, Fat Stripping Frappe was my friend as well. The volume from this puppy is amazing and makes you feel full for awhile.

For the Fuel Pull days…man, these were the hardest for me!!! Greek yogurt and strawberries ended up being my best friends. I turned to them a lot, when I just got down about what I ‘couldn’t’ eat. I was also hungry a lot, so maybe it was just hanger?! A few times, I forgot to add the 5grams of fat, and I really could tell the difference by the 2nd day, I made sure to add the fat from then on.

For the E days, I really loved having apples, and sweet potatoes on hand for my E source. I also had to make sure I ate the 5grams of fat, it does help you feel full. I really enjoyed getting back to eating a bit more, and getting that pleasantly full feeling.

***They don’t recommend a FC unless you’ve been on plan for 3 months or more, and have hit a stall. Also, it’s recommended to have any Trim Healthy Mama FB admin go over your meals, to determine with you’re stalled. Sometimes it’s a really easy fix, and you wouldn’t need a Fuel Cycle.

So there you go! My old Fuel Cycle Week! 🙂









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