Cleaning For Shabbat

I’ve been trying to keep a focus on Shabbat, to keep it holy, and set apart. All while NOT overwhelming myself! Over the last month or so, I’ve been slowly sharing about my Shabbat journey, and I’ve realized that I’m not the only one who struggles with making the day beautiful and set apart, without stressing out.


This week I’ll be talking about cleaning. Don’t we all just love to clean!? It’s a dirty word, but it has to be done at some point, and to some extent! Many of us cannot relax, when there is something undone around us. What that is, is individual to us all. For me I think it’s a few things, I tend to bury my head, if things aren’t done…I know..I know…not the best response I should have, eh? I’m working on it…slowly.

So my cleaning list is as follows, (I usually do not have a set order I do it, but usually trash out and sweeping and mopping is last.)

  • We take about 15 minutes to all pick up the house, putting things away where they belong. Even my 4 and 5 year old. I usually tell them, pick up all of your toys, Mommy has to vacuum! That gets them working fast, as they aren’t fans of the noise. (They hide in their room, when I vacuum.)
  • Next, I start a load of laundry that needs to be done, checking the kids bags, room, bathroom and all the little nooks a Mamma knows, for dirty clothes! I want to get the load done and put away before lunch.
  • Next up, I’ll go through the house, gather all the dishes and cups, and start washing dishes, wiping down counters, table and chairs as I go.
  • Following closely, I’ll get dinner started in the crock pot. I’m going to confess something here, I am not a huge fan of all those crock pot meals that are ‘so fabulous!’. While I dearly love the fact it’s cooking for me, food doesn’t come out looking yummy…but on Shabbat I use it! I’ll pick a recipe that works well for my tastes, and make finished touches later in the day.
  • Next, is the challah bread!! We use gluten free flour, and make a nice bread that we all love.
  • Then I’ll make sure all dishes are away, and sink is clean.
  • Then I’ll vaccum the living room!
  • Wipe down bathroom, clean toilet, stock toilet paper!
  • Gather all the trash, including cleaning the litter boxes.
  • Get all the trash by the back door.
  • Sweep the kitchen floor well.
  • Mop the floor (allow to dry before next step)
  • Set table with all the pretty things we enjoy, for a special dinner!!!
  • Eat, sing, eat, share about YHVH, eat, and say blessings over the bread, wine, and children. Pray for each other, and others needs.

These steps don’t take very long to do, and I’ll usually give the kids something to do to help, while I’m doing something else. Some weeks, I do not get this all done…some weeks nothing ets done. But I’m making a concentrated effort this year, to embrace the Shabbat that my Creator made for me, as it is a sign of those who follow, love and obey Him.

This year, I also want to invite people over more often for Erev Shabbat, so we can enjoy fellowship more, and talk until the candles burn out.

What are your plans for Shabbat this year? Anything new you want to try, or something you’ve done before, that you want to begin again? If you’re wondering about Shabbat, and what it’s all about, please comment below and I can explain further!!


* At the end of each post, I’ll share another bloggers post that I think you might enjoy! I love spreading the love around.🙂 This week’s love share is: Heidi, from Torah Family Living. Her post on having a peaceful Shabbat is a must read, and I thought it was perfect to go with this one!  (I get nothing from promoting her, her blog. Just the joy of sharing!)



  1. I loved this post for how relatable it was. My teenagers love helping me prepare for the sabbath, and my dear husband runs all sorts of errands because he is a very patient man and wants my shabbat dreams to come true. For the last few weeks I have been wanting to start blogging about shabbat or simply sharing a picture of our sabbath table. You may have given me the confidence to proceed.

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