January Goals!

shared my prayers for this year, 2017, but I’m going to break those down into monthly goals, as well as adding in things I want to accomplish throughout a given month. It seems like this might be easier, than a huge list at the beginning of the year, and then nothing…

Do We Need a Huge List


So many times, we will start a year with much zeal, only to fizzle out shortly after the glow of all the celebrations dies down. I don’t want that to happen this year, I want to carry the joy and purpose of Hanukkah into my year, and embrace the days ahead with a smile. Lets be honest, it’s easier to forget your goals, than to accomplish them. It takes discipline, diligence and hard work…not things most people want to slug through these days, long term. *raises hand* Including yours truly.

I won’t speak of the future, but for this month, I plan to make these baby steps my goal, and focus on those.

Baby Step Goals – January


  • Home – Get new shed organized, and decluttered. Old shed needs to air out, then re-caulk it.
  • Family – This month, we will be focusing on eating non-processed foods, and removing sugar from our diet.
  • Marriage – Commit to praying for our communication, as we aren’t the best at this. GO ON A DATE!
  • Parenting – Teach the children the 10 Commandments. (memorize!)
  • Homeschool – Finish Creation Unit Study, continue working through 1 workbook!
  • Personal – Do word study on ‘trust’ in the Scriptures, write 10,000 words.

Even with small goals, things get done, chips are taken out of the big picture. I love this. Because I can look at the big picture and get SO excited, but balk at the small picture…the hard work. So I know that I NEED to enjoy the dirty work process more.

What tasks, and goals do you have for this month? Please share them below. Do you have any tips on getting things done, and not stressing yourself out in the process?!


*I’m going to start doing something fun! At the end of each post, I’ll share another bloggers post that I think you might enjoy! I love spreading the love around.🙂 This week’s love share is:  Marcie, over at A Minute with Marcie. She just started her blog, and she has shared some beautiful headwraps, I adore her scarves!! She matches them so well.  (I get nothing from promoting her or her blog. Just the joy of sharing!)



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