Hanukkah – Time of Rededication

menorahAs I write this, tonight is the last night of Hanukkah, and I’m loath to see it go. These past 8 days and nights have been great, good, rough, and watching the last candles burn out, it was like seeing a beloved friend leave for a year.

It’s More Than Traditions

Hanukkah is more than just candles, deride games, lights, and fried foods. Hanukkah is about standing up for your faith. It’s a reminder to be a light to the dead and dying world around us. It’s about cleansing yourself from sinful ways and things. It’s about rededicating yourself to YHVH. It’s about the might of YHVH, using a small group of people to over-throw vast Greek armies. It’s a reminder of YHVH’s ability to use the ‘lessor’ to bring the ‘mighty’ to their knees, a reminder we need in this time of anti-Semitism, anti-unity, and anit-anything else you want to put in there.

This holiday has shown me so many things, and I’m trying to bring it all together in a cognizant way. So bare with me, I may stumble over words as I express myself.

We have had our share of tantrums, fights and miscommunication this week, here. One night, we didn’t light the candle’s at all, because of strife in the home. Tonight, we almost didn’t do it, but we did.

I’ve been praying for somethings rather persistently these past few days, and have felt blessed in the process of doing that, especially at this time of dedication and hope. While I’m not revealing what my prayers are for, I know without a doubt, that this time has been blessed, and the history behind Hanukkah spurred me on, to continue praying when I felt like curling up and crying.

If the Maccabees could stand against vast Greek armies and trust in YHVH, I could get on my knees and pray while I cried, and trust Him. 😉

We have had laughs, as we learned the dreidel game, and saw how great our son was at it, and that the kids are fierce competitors with each other. (Not really surprised with that one!)

We’ve had fun dancing to songs about Hanukkah, and the Maccabees, made latkes & donuts, made dreidels, mezuzah’s, filled the tzedakah boxes with pennies, learned about the Maccabees story, saw how amazing YHVH is, and so much more.

The Story of The Maccabees

There is much debate if this celebration is biblical, and something Torah Observant Yeshua followers should participate in. You’ll find someone on either side of the debate, both with equally as good reasoning.

When I learned the story, about how YHVH upheld these faithful followers and warriors, how they were able to defeat the enemies of YHVH, cleanse the temple of the pagan practices held there, and rebuilt it, dedicating it back into the service of YHVH…and ultimately if they hadn’t been bold, righteous men willing to face large numbers, there wouldn’t have been a Temple for Yeshua to go to, nor would there have been a Yeshua to come. I couldn’t turn away from it, and how much it mirrored my own path and where I’m at right now.

This story is one which shouldn’t be overlooked, in our walk of faith, because it continues to show YHVH’s faithfulness in bringing about His plan for the peoples of the world. More importantly, the plan for the Jewish people, my Jewish Messiah, and ultimately for me who is grafted in.

Wishing You Joy and Peace for 2017

So…as the house quiets down around me, and I enjoy the silence, and the hope instilled in me for the coming year, I wish you all a very Happy Hanukkah…may the light of Yeshua shine upon you, bringing you joy and peace for 2017.

untitledChag Hanukkah Sameach




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