Happy Rosh Chodesh Tevet!


At sundown today, the new month of Tevet begins in the Jewish calendar! It’s the tenth month of the Hebrew year. As Hanukkah is slowly winding down and we head into another beautiful Shabbat (the last of our Gregorian calendar year!), I’m reflecting on many things.



Hanukkah is a time of rededicating the temple back to Hashem, or Yehovah, and a remembrance of the wondrous victory He gave the Maccabees armies over the Greek armies. Also, since I believe in Yeshua, and that my body is His temple, it’s a time to rededicate myself to His purpose for my life.

There has been much going on here, spiritually, the last few weeks, good and bad. While we’ve had a rocky year, there has been much learning on my part, and I hope on the part of my family as well, about Hashem and how to love Him in His love language.

The Coming Year

I had a nice list of things I wanted to do, or change about myself, this coming year…I was giving into the urge to be like those who’ve made these amazing lists of things to accomplish! Naughty, I know. I pulled myself back from that precipice, y’all. It’s a dangerous game to play ‘Compare!’ when we are all as individual as a snowflake. So instead I have a short list of things that I’ll share below, that I will be praying for, with diligence.

Prayer List:

  • Israel, her peace, her sovereignty, for her enemies to be thwarted in all ways.
  • My family, our peace, active in spiritual warfare over ourselves, obedience and understanding of Hashems commands, how to put them into action in our lives.
  • Our country, peace among ourselves, divisiveness to be cast aside, brotherhood in working together.
  • Myself, to continue to dig into His Scriptures and get to know my King, to enjoy writing again, and be diligent with the things He gives me to write.

And that’s it…that’s my ‘goals’ for the year. To focus on prayer. I believe we all need more prayer in our lives, and everything good can come from more prayer, one of the benefits is a closer relationship with my Creator, and I long, SO much long, for this closeness.

Leaving 2016 Behind

So with this year almost at an end, Hanukkah almost at an end, I leave 2016 with this:

I linger over these last few days, savoring the joy, hardships, lessons learned, rough patches, ups and down, because through it all, I choose to remember joy. May this year be a blessing, and may the next be just as blessed as this one.

Farewell, 2016, you go now to history, and I thank Hashem for you and your lessons.




What are you’re plans for the new month and the new year? Do you have a list of things you wish to do, or do you focus on a word, or something else? Please share with me! I enjoy seeing what others wish to accomplish each year, y’all are so creative.



*I’m going to start doing something fun! At the end of each post, I’ll share another bloggers post that I think you might enjoy! I love spreading the love around.🙂 This week’s love share is:  Michelle, over at Delightful Learning! She shares so many types of lists, that it’s bound to get my creative thoughts going! I’ll be looking at her posts from time to time, for inspiration on my own blog!  (I get nothing from promoting her or her blog. Just the joy of sharing!)




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