December Already?! Updates

2016 is on it’s last days, and I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. Though at times it just went slowly.

Yahweh sure has been teaching us a LOT of things, many of which I’d love to share with you. Please be praying about that, will you? Thank you!

So this is a quick update post, to let you know that I’m working behind the scenes here on my blog, to clean it up, and focus it into what I’m really passionate about. Some post have been removed completely, some are in draft form, and some have been left for now. I’ve also cleaned up the categories, so that they reflect the direction I want to go with this spot in the websphere that I have.

It will take my awhile to get things organized into their new categories, because, family…life…you know. 😉

Thank you for understanding.

And if Yahweh puts me and my little blog on your heart, please keep us in prayer. I DO feel the call to write/blog, but consistency isn’t a strong suite for me. I also fall into the trap of comparing myself to other bloggers who seem to have it all together. Horrible trap, let me tell you. Yahweh has given me a passion for words and sharing our life with you, which I want to do.

This Fall has been cold, with frequent drops into the teens overnight. Thursday through Sat we are expecting some freezing rain, or snow. I really can’t wait for some snow. The kids and I are eager to have some! With Winter officially here next week, I think it’s high time that snow does arrive!


So what are you looking forward too, with Winter coming? Snow, fireplaces, hot chocolate? Snuggles, giggles and hot yummy soups? All of the above?



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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