Welcome Fall & Vision Planning


Welcome Fall, Y’all!

It’s officially here, FALL! I’m super excited, it’s my favorite season. The days cool down, the nights turn crisp, and the leaves turn lovely colors. Also, the children…it’s their birthday season. And lastly, it’s the Fall Feasts!!!!! We are on year two of celebrating them and I’m excited to start new traditions. One thing I am finding is that having a vision for your home is key to knowing where you’re headed with any projects you begin in your home.

One of the things I’m trying to do, is to declutter this week, and I’m making a nice dent in the kitchen, at least! Check out the pictures below!


How embarrassing. But it is, what it is. I have a few more things to check off of my decluttering list before I’m done!

My Fall Decluttering Plans

My checklist:

  • Clear off kitchen counters, and clean well. (DONE!)
  • Organize kitchen shelves, and toss, keep or donate. Clean well. (DONE!)
  • Organize bathroom cabinets, and shelves. Clean well.
  • Deep clean the toilet.
  • Organize the bookshelves.
  • Conquer the laundry pile!

Of course, there’s more that needs to be decluttered, but these are the pressing needs right now. Part of the decluttering process is not only to toss, keep or donate items not used, but to figure out how to organize what you keep, so that it’ll be useful and have a home! These are a requirement, y’all. To be useful AND to have a home! Not everything we have has a home, and it’s so cluttered, it’s not useful. You can see my problem here…

Mourning What You Remove?!

Another fascinating thing that happens when you remove things from your life, is that you DO in fact mourn them…or the hopes you had with them. Odd, isn’t it? I believe that’s why we find it so hard to toss things, or donate them. We got them, (or were gifted them) with an intention, and now that we find it doesn’t help us, or our lives…it brings us to were I am currently. How do you decide what to keep? What to toss? What to donate?!

How do I decide?

There’s a few theories out there on how to decide. My personal favorites are as follows; I must use it, it must have a home, and I must love it. An item has to hit at least two of those three personal requirements.

There are those who like ultra-minimalism, and reduce their possessions to 100 items, total. (They must not have children!) I know at this point in my life, that is an impossible goal. While I love the dream if having a simple home, full of laughter, love and learning, of having a home that is easy and quick to clean, I know that ultra-minimalism is not going to happen.

Having A Vision

What really helps me, to keep going, and keep decluttering, is having a vision for my home. This sounds weird, doesn’t it?! A vision…for my home? Well it’s not that far of a stretch, when you consider what all goes on in a home. It’s a bit like a ship, and the vision is the rutter. Without a rutter, the ship either goes nowhere, OR it’s all over the place, and neither options lands at the safe harbor.

My vision of my home, is to have a simple, comforting, home. One in which all the meals are favorites, laughter and messes happen in equal measure, everything has it’s home, and that it overall glorifies Yahweh and it hospitable.

Actionable Steps

More than just having a vision, I think it’s important to note, that along with the vision, you should also have actionable steps. Each step will lead your home and family to the goal, to the safe harbor. And everyone in the home, should have a say in what direction y’all take together. Granted, if you have young children, their input might not be understandable, yet…or it might include the Minions, Paw Patrol and Princesses. 😉 To be fair, I’m still working on these following action steps, mostly they are just small ideas of what I want each one to be…

So here’s how I’ll break down my vision, to begin planning my action steps, be defining them.

My vision of my home, is to have a simple, comforting, home. One in which all the meals are favorites, laughter and messes happen in equal measure, everything has it’s home, and that it overall glorifies Yahweh and it hospitable.

Simple – Personally, I have to keep things simple and easy, or I will NOT keep up with them. This is why ‘simple’ is first. Simple also means nothing unnecessary will be allowed into my life, to distract me, or take me away from my family and focus.

Comforting – This might go without any explanation, but my home has to be comforting. This is home station for us, where we can escape the world and it’s pressures. It’s expectations. Ain’t no body got time for that, y’all.

Favorite Meals – This might take the longest to accomplish, but I do aim to make meals that we ALL love and enjoy, and help create memories around the kitchen table. But this means I’ll have to take proper notes, on what I cook. Follow recipes and save the ones we love. Slowly building a family recipe binder.

Laughter – Laughter is the BEST medicine, this I believe. I want a home that encourages laughing. So I think this means lots of tickle fights, pillow fights, playing tag, and the like. An idea would be to have a Happy Hour, in which we just have fun and laugh as a family! Daily!

Messes – With young children, messes happen. Yes, this is in my plans. And my vision for our home. When they happen, we all join in and help clean them up! Many hands make light work, AND it teaches compassion, ownership of actions and responsibility. I’m tryin’ to be smart, people!

Everything has it’s home – Seriously, EVERYTHING needs a home. I’ll be organizing things as I go, and I think Dollar Tree will become my favorite place to find organizational tools.

Glorifying Yahweh – This will best be measured by the Fruits of the Spirit that we individually exhibit, and as a family unit. Do we have peace, joy, compassion, slow to anger, generosity, etc?

Hospitable – Even if we don’t have anyone over often, my family deserves to have a home that is hospitable to them. So their favorite drinks, favorite chairs, favorite books, toys, favorite traditions, and having simple needs being met.


Final Thoughts

These are a work in progress, but this helps in understanding where my plan and intentions are. I’m sure I’ll be referring back to this post, myself as we progress through these days of decluttering .

I hope this has helped you, and if you have some vision tips, please share them! I’d love to see what others do. 🙂





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