Intolerance Week 3

It’s late, the kids are bed, dishes are ACTUALLY done, y’all! 😉 I’m catching up on my YouTube videos. (I follow a few awesome vloggers on YouTube, and they post regularly. They inspire me, in different areas!)


I haven’t been that great at updating y’all in our food journey. These past two weeks have been hard mentally for me. I basically threw several social media tantrums, much to my chagrin.

I have a confession to make…in the last few days, we’ve gone SO FAR off the food plan…I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m so embarrassed. Needless to say, it’ll be awhile before we’re back at it. I think…well I KNOW, that I need to plan a lot better than I did. And let’s face it…I hardly planned at all, so because I didn’t plan, I failed. It’s okay…I think I’ll survive that knowledge, and do more research and try try try try again!

So there’s that…

And we’re also having lots of fun, with potty training (finally!) our daughter. We’ve been setting the timer for every. 7. minutes. Y’all. Y’aLLLLLLLLL….seriously…7 minutes. If we set it too much longer than that, she has an accident, and we’re aiming for lots of great experiences using the toilet, like a ‘big girl’ does.

Pray for us. 7 minutes doesn’t last long. Things are all on the back burner, to do this.

Also, it’s getting colder here, and I’ll be needing to start getting the chickens taken care of, for colder weather. I need to get out there and really do some work anyways, it’s been too long since I’ve been out there to do the harder work. (sad confession here!)

My Mom is off, visiting her brother on the east coast, so we’re ‘mom-less’ and she know’s I love her, but it’s nice to not have her around?! That sounds horrible doesn’t it?! I miss her, of course. She’s helping her sister in law go through lots of family memorabilia, and I think some of it’s going to be coming home here, and I’m excited to see what of my grandparents, my uncle had.

So there’s the happenings around here…not a lot, but at the same time…a lot! 🙂


Talk to you later, y’all.









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