Our Homeschool: 2016-2017

Our Family!

Big Boy who will be 5 in October. He is showing a great interest in all things school. So here we are, jumping in…or easing in rather.

Little Bit who will be 4 in October, isn’t showing much interest at all, however I know her little ears will hear all! 😉

This year isn’t going to be crazy full of stuff, but we’ll be easing into the homeschool life. We’re still in the process of learning all we can (while knowing that we don’t know a THING!) about educating our children at home.

Our Goals and Focus!

Our goals for this year:

  • keep it focused on building an obedient family to Yahweh’s commandments
  • keep our character forefront always (i.e. stopping whatever we’re doing to deal with inappropriate behavior)
  • keep it fun
  • keep it frugal
  • keep it appropriately challenging to the individual child
  • keep outdoors as much as possible
  • keep those books handy

With keeping these goals in mind, I’d made a simple lesson plan last month. Interestingly enough, I think I’ll need to adjust it again, since we’ve eased into the year like we have. One thing I’m seeing, and believing, is that to homeschool is to be flexable!

We’re focusing on the following:


We will be using Lessons From Yeshua’s Torah daily, as well as reading through Genesis’ account of Creation for our history. I’ll be pulling from what inspires and interests the children and myself for this, so it’s going to be REALLY relaxed. If I can find a unit study to incorporate, I will. Otherwise, I might make some that’ll suit our interests. As we come to the Holy Days, we will be adding in some study from The Family Guide To Biblical Holidays.


We’re doing a lot of multi-sensory kinesthetic play with this. We’ll be working on letter recognition, and move too the phonics. Again, it’s a loose plan, but I hope to nail it down a little bit more as we go. My son is REALLY loving this, as it’s active and lots of fun. Even my daughter is enjoying this. 🙂 I’ll be putting up a post soon, on what this looks like for us!


My son is using Math-U-See Primer level. I wasn’t going to start it now, but once we saw the demo at our states convention, I fell in love with it! And once HE saw that it had blocks that look like Legos, HE fell in love! He does a full lesson in one sitting, which really surprised me! At our current pace, we’ll be doing 2 lessons a week. (there are 30 in the Primer level, which means we’ll have to get the Alpha soon!) He just wants to keep going, so I let him, and when I see his attention break, I make a playful end to it, and we move on to other fun things. This has been working, so far. 🙂

My daughter isn’t that interesting in it, so we’ll be doing the same games with the numbers, as we are with the letters with her.


I don’t have anything planned out firmly. But we will be memorizing verses that relate to holy behavior, and we’ll be making it a point to build relationships with the children, and disciplining wisely.


We won’t have a serious curriculum for this until next year. We will be having lots of fun with basic science experiments and hands on fun with them this year. I’ll be sharing what we do, as we do it!

*I will also add in read-a-louds as I see fit. (I don’t know yet if I’ll make a list to read from, or do it eclectic style. I’ll probably do both!)

**I plan to add in copywork for my son, when he shows willingness to do so.

Very Loose Year

It makes for a very loose year, but as the children are young, I’m not in a hurry to get them to sit still or learn everything yesterday. I firmly believe that they need to be able to move, run, dance, giggle, shout and explore life with all hands and feet in. I also know that they need to be outside, learning all they can about the world around them, and their own physical abilities.

I will make use of unit studies as I find them, that focus on things the children are interested in. I am also going to try my hand at putting together my own unit studies from time to time. I lean towards the Charlotte Mason/Unit Studies/Classical styles of education. Having done my reading, I know I’ll have a lot to choose from.

At the end of the day, I want to know that my kids were kids, they learned with their whole being, all their sense were engaged, and they know more about Yahweh today than yesterday, and we built memories with each other. If I do nothing else, I’ve done the best I can do!

What are your plans for this year? Please share them! I love to see what others are doing. It gives me ideas. 🙂

We’re linking up with Caroline, at The Modest Mom today!



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