It Can Be Lonely

I’m a stay home wife and mommy…and it can be lonely.

When I’ve dealt with the 10000th fight between the children, washed the millionth dish of the day…a deep urge to throw my hands up in the air and walk away takes over.

When my darling says something, and my heart takes it as criticism, I just want to snap back and walk away.

To bury my head and drown out the blame and shame I feel, with silence.

I feel really lonely in those instances. Those flashes of life that happen to everyone, but no one wants to talk about. Those moments that are nearly perfectly designed to make a person feel small, ugly and insignificant. When reality is much different.

Reality is…I’m tired and the stress level can get high. My children can sense it, and it raises theirs as well.

Reality is…my darling comes home tired and stressed out, worried about the world on his shoulders.

Reality is…we should more readily give grace and kindness to those we care deeply for, and forget the critical thoughts, judgmental and bitter thoughts at the door.

Reality can be hard to face, but let’s face it…wouldn’t you rather see the whole truth, than to continue on being blinded by your own feelings?! 😉





  1. Harnessing and controlling our thoughts and attitudes is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs we have. Conquering them is key to peace of mind. Learning how to conquer them can take a lifetime of effort. Hang in there. You’ll make it through.

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