Amping Up & Laying Down

I’ve noticed that as I am continuing to be faithful to pray for my family, read my Bible, and study His word, things are getting rougher for my son. He is enjoying the praying, and reading as well, but his nightmares are back…and last night was horrid.

Never have I known the closeness of Christ and God, since being a Mom, and raising these children to know Him. The closer I reach, the more we seem to encounter roadblocks, and shortness of temper. We also get lost in the busy things.

Right now…I’m thanking God for the rough days and nights, because although they reduce me to tears many times, I know the comfort of my King and God, and that somewhere, in the messy actions of being a sinful believer, I’m doing something right.

So I’ll continue to amp up my walk with God, growing in learning of Him, and teaching my children what I can.

Many times, I’m lost when they cry…but I know the Lord knows what their needs are. Eventually, I’ll land on it myself, and things will be easier.

Right now…we’re all on short fuses, and the tears are quick to happen. Today, I think I’ll pray for sleep and rest for us all.



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