Faced With The Truth


Photo Credit: Unsplash



Sometimes, the hammer hits hard.

These times are filled with self reflection, and conviction of thoughts and deeds.

Oh the thoughts…

They flash as fast as a humming birds wings, darting here and there…

Sting and bite, they cut deep into my soul.

These thoughts do no good to me, or those around me.

Arrest them!

Hold them subject to His Holy Word alone.

This is hard…

It’s easy to stand in the Pride Parkway…

Harder to prostrate on the Humble Avenue.

The way of many, go to Pride…

The way of few, go down Humble…

Humble – no self involved.

Just absolute realization that self is the worst obstacle to grace, peace, faith, growth…


Sometimes, my tone is biting, and superior.

That tone that cuts so deep and bitterly.

Mara…I should be called.

Bitter and full of self.

This tone…it’s the enemy of my marriage, my family, my friends.

Who am I…that I should think I’m better, or more knowledgeable.

Yet…and yet…


There are times I cannot allow erroneous thoughts and statements to be said…

I’m a stickler…yes.

Stickler for His truth…and I’m still learning…




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