The Day We Lived Without Our Smartphones

Awhile ago, we cancelled our iPhone Verizon phones. The biggest reasons where the cost, followed closely by the fact that it was in our face more often than not.

There are numerous posts, and articles out now, on the benefits of being without a smartphone, or what happened when they were put down, turned off, etc.

This post will add to them.

If you’ve seen the cartoon movie, Wall-E, then you know this:



I’m not a fan of this movie, and these scenes are probably why! How much this reminds me of the way our society is right now, is sad and a little more scary to me.

But they go through life with screens in their face all of the time, they are overweight, and missing that there are other people around them.

Let’s not forget that they also eat very processed foods.

That’s just the surface…but it pops into my head, when I look around me today.

I don’t want to live like that, like them. Missing life, because of a screen or ten.

I want to see the impish smiles and giggles.

I want to feel the warm hugs, and excited bouncing.

I want to remember the looks, and expression of my love.

So that is why…I don’t have a smartphone.

It was my first step in removing screens.

What’s your first step…?

Are you ready to take one? Ready to live without a screen witnessing life for you?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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