Say What?! 6 Humorous Things About West Texas

Have you ever noticed, that when you no longer have a desire to live some place, you stop seeing the fun in it, and start seeing the bad? I’m trying to remember the fun and good of this year in West Texas. This post is a continuation of that in which I remember some funny things along the way…


1) Eggs do in fact fry on the sidewalks, here in Texas. Anything fries here in Texas…except the Sweet Tea. And the hair spray.

2) When they say it’s going to be a cold winter, what they really mean is that it’s going to be a sheet of ice from here to eternity. With a few patches of oil and black ice thrown in for funnsies.

3) You know it might be a good day, when you wake up and it DOESN’T smell like an oil slick. But that could change about 10 times in an hour.

4) It’s not tornado alley here. Except that one time, and that one storm. And those few tornadoes.

5) Goat heads, the size of your head. No really…okay well maybe the size of your nail…but seriously. They hurt!

6) When there are more oil rigs than trees, you may live in the middle of the oil heartland.


Yes, where we have been, is considered the heart of oil country here in Texas. It’s about the only industry in this area, so there are oil rigs, oil trucks, oil workers galore. And why do we pay such high prices for oil?! Still never can understand that one…hmmmmmmm…..

Have you traveled through, or lived in, west Texas? What do you remember about it? Please share! 🙂 






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