Independence Day Isn’t Free For Our Military

Fireworks. BBQs. Laughter. Hot weather. Monsoons. The Rodeo.

PTSD. Flashbacks. Hiding. Depression. Fear. Cold Sweats.


Friday is the day we, as a nation, enjoy the fellowship, and gatherings of parties, food and fireworks. We celebrate our independence, and singularity among the nations of the world.  We may reflect on the men who saw the need of a free and independent people, from tyranny, the sacrifices made not just by them, but by each generation since.

But…let us also not forgot the current generation, who is suffering in greater numbers each year. The generation that can no longer see the fireworks and large groups of family and friends as safe. The generation that has lost a portion of who they were, and replaced with someone those close to them won’t recognize.

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These men and women, who are here with us still, may have lost limbs, sight, hearing, skin and/or more…but they may have also lost something that isn’t seen to the naked eye.


They are trapped in the memories of an experience that we civilians have no possible clue of…

They are trapped in the nightmare of flashbacks and fear…


So this 4th…celebrate your freedom, in all of it’s forms. Because I can say in certainty, that there is someone you know that cannot celebrate this day, and may in fact hide from it. 


Thank you, to all of those who have served our country, in uniform and out, from the days of George Washington, to the present day military. 






I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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