Is Getting Back to Simple, Really Simple?

There’s a trend I see happening, in many circles. Getting back to simple living. The simple life. The old ways. I, myself, have this same desire. Visions of a by-gone era, and a society that is vastly different than this one.

Is Simple Really Simple?

I suppose I should clarify here, what I mean. There is a drive within myself to be frugal, simple and minimal. There is also a drive to getting back to teaching myself, and my children, how to make things by hand, how to tend to the land, and animals in a sustainable way. That for me, is simple life.

But again…is it really going to be simpler?

I say no way!

Doing things by hand takes skill, patience, and time. We live in an instant gratification world, where we want something, it’s just a few clicks of the mouse away, or just down the street at the store.

I read an article this morning called, “7 Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don’t.” Many of these things are simple..but for these new generations, they are lost skills. In a pinch, I could probably do them all. I’ve had the privilege of sharing my childhood with my grandparents, who enjoyed sharing their days with a young girl who asked a lot of questions. In my day to day, however, these usually don’t happen. Except cooking from scratch..I have to do that. 🙂

I think what I am longing for, is the slow down. You have to slow down to do a lot of these things, and in the fast pace around us…that can be appealing. When you have to pull out the clothes, and take them outside for the dryer, you slow down. Notice the beautiful day, the sound of birds, the wind. The smell of the clean clothes, the weight of them on your arms.

When you meet people in person, you have the pleasure (and sometimes discomfort!) of the many layers and nuances of engagement. There’s only so many you can convey through a screen, and when was the last time a computer properly showed the warmth, laughter and serotonin educing companionship, that face to face creates?

So when I say, getting back to simple things, it doesn’t mean my chosen methods with BE simple. They may very well be more work for me. But in the doing of them, they cause me to slow down. To notice things. To enjoy the process. And get away from the technology that is so overwhelming in my world today.


What about you? What does simple look like for you?



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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