June 14th – 27th Menu!


I’m sure you noticed I’ve been slacking around here. lol Well…I’m back for today. I need a good place to ‘dump’ my menu plans, so I have a sure fire way of keeping track of them!


So here’s the plan, so far!


  • Beef Breakfast Sausage – It’s my first time making this, so we’ll see!
  • Pear-Berry Crisp – from Against All Grain. Excited about this one.
  • Eggs and bacon – no explanation needed, right?
  • Oatmeal – I do so many variations of this, Toddler One and Two get bored quickly with it.

And then I’ll rotate through these.



  • Leftovers.
  • Finger foods – cubed cheeses, olives, avocados, egg salad, chicken salad, dried fruits, bacon, carrot sticks, and on and on…

Lunches are something I’m still trying to see what works best for us. Toddlers One and Two and I seem to enjoy having a picnic style sit down in the living room, so that being the case…I think the finger foods are much easier. Which is good for me, since it’s also fairly easy to prepare ahead.



  • Basil Marinated Chicken & Veggie Kabobs – I’ll make this ahead, and freeze it.
  • Easy GF Chicken Fingers – I’ll double, and save the second one for the second week. 
  • Beef and Cabbage stir fry – These are so easy for me, I’ll probably do a second stir fry. 
  • Hawaiian-Stuffed Teriyaki Burgers – this will be doubled, and frozen ahead.
  • Curried Chicken Salad – from Against All Grain, doubled and made ahead in the frig. 
  • Slow Cooker Sesame-Orange Chicken – from Against All Grain, made ahead and frozen.
  • Club Sandwich Wrap – from Against All Grain, doubled! I’m looking forward to this. Seems..Summer-y to me.
  • Pizza Night – one night each week, I’ll make pizza. I won’t be eating it, so I’ll have salads or other left overs. 


I’m still rethinking the number of recipes I have chosen. I know me…I think it’s a little ambitious of me. The plus side is that most of them will be easy, and made easier, if I DO make and freeze ahead like I’m planning on doing.  This requires a clean kitchen, lots of table space, and time to do it. I may be making these in small batches, though. Since Toddler One and Toddler Two don’t nap until afternoon, and Toddler One doesn’t really nap at all.

I even have the shopping list prepared, though I need to print it up, and put it in my binder.

I’ve been seeing that we’re not getting enough to eat, by the last few days before getting paid again. So I talked with a few friends about how they make sure everyone is satisfied, even possible leftovers. As silly as it seems, most of them follow the recipes they have, pretty much to the letter. I feel like I’m learning to cook, all over again! I love being creative in the kitchen, but sometimes that means we don’t have something yummy, or ENOUGH of the food. So…my creative side needs to sit back and watch for awhile, while I learn to follow recipes again. lol


What are your tips, or tricks, to making sure you get enough variety and volume, in your cooking??



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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