8 Thorns in The Christian Crown & Some Other Realizations

*This post was originally published in May of 2014, long before we became Torah Observant. I wanted to update a few things, and add a few more insights this time around. Read the original, and find the additions at the end of the post. Thank you! *

Awhile back, I’d asked on my Facebook page, what was something you’ve heard about Christians? The answers where at once, expected, and saddening.  On a whole, those who claim Christs name are doing Him a huge disservice, in America. For all of those that claim to be His followers, some get it right. And it’s amazingly wonderful to see, and be around these people. You can sense the great peace they have, the steady assurance of their faith. The true love they show for all people, no matter who that person is, or does.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not like those few. I try to be, and fail. But I’m trying. And I’m trying to get it right, so much so, that I forget that I have stand for truth. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it’s possible I’ll be the only one standing. You know, I just want to be accepted, and loved.

I tend to be very black and white, and sway more to the legalistic side of things. I have always had a problem reconciling the truth with love. But I try to find a way. I try to understand.

A lot of these things people have heard of Christians, could be labels I myself have worn. Possibly, still wear. I want to look into them more, I suppose. Over analyze, it’s what I do. 😉

So here are the answers I was given,

8 Thorns In The Christian Crown

  • Hypocrites
  • Intolerant
  • Judgmental
  • Uses the Bible as reason for bigotry
  • Pick and choose parts of Bible to live by
  • Weak and uses God as a crutch
  • Can’t think for themselves
  • Brainwashed

If we are to be a reflection of Christ, I think we’re doing a poor job, if this is what people think of, when the word ‘Christian’ is uttered.  Oh, I know there are some (many?) who are in name only Christians.

I suppose, knowing how we’re doing it wrong, can help not only us, but those who don’t believe, to see a true Christian better. I think, however, that Christians themselves believe they are above those who don’t believe. Not all of us…but many of us do. I also see that we tend to hold a huge measuring stick up against the unbelievers, as if they should measured against it (the Bible), and not ourselves instead. I’ve done this…too many times. We shouldn’t though. We can’t. We cannot judge them by the same standards as we should be judging a fellow believer. It’s asinine to do so!

We are children of God, we have accepted His Lordship over our lives. That makes our judgement different. That means we can hold each other up to a different level of expectations and customs. Unless, or until, someone chooses Him, they are under the lordship of someone else. Under that someones customs, and expectations.

Some Other Realizations!

I’ve seen, in the online world, the propensity of some to point fingers at other who aren’t doing it ‘right’. This brings to mind things I myself have said at one point or another. We, I, need to look to my own faults, and issues first, before speaking to others about theirs. And I need to be careful, and thoughtful, about how I approach others. Truth, with love.

Another trend I see, is the common thought that we Christians shouldn’t be addressing false beliefs, or inaccurate actions, with EACH OTHER. This is also wrong. So wrong. We need to be correcting, exhorting, and teaching fellow believers the right path. We also need to live it. There is nothing wrong with a person coming along side a fellow believer, and saying, “hey, I think you’re doing something sinful. Can I help you?” But in today’s tolerant world, that attitude has invaded the Christian church.

We’re not a perfect group of people. No group of people is. But we are called to a certain level of living, and generally speaking…we’re failing. I am failing.

Abba, Father…help me.

It’s very eye-opening to me, now to read through this post. I realize that Yahweh was slowly working on me, He was allowing me to see a little here and a little there, what was/is not right with me. Also…right now I feel like I’ve got so much to learn, and don’t have enough time to cram it all in…yet by His grace I am learning. Slowly…okay the turtle could pass me, but I’m still moving in the right direction! How easy it is, to beat ourselves up, isn’t it? I see those 8 listed things, and still feel the sting of conviction, and sometimes condemnation. I know condemnation isn’t of Yahweh, so that’s usually taken care of with prayer. The convictions though…y’all I have had moments in this last year that I have been hypocritical, judgmental and haven’t thought things through on my own, before spouting off…like I knew what I was talking about.

I am still in training, a toddler. Who longs to be an adult and know all the things of Torah. However, I know that I’ll never know all the things…not this side of life. But in my eagerness, I just ask Him to guide me and make me humble and hungry for Him.

Tomorrow is Shabbat, and then sundown begins Hanukkah. With the close of the Gregorian calendar year, I find myself thinking and reflecting on some things. With Hanukkah closing out the year, it makes me think of the cleaning and dedication of the Temple, that the Maccabees did. I find the connection to my bodily temple too much to ignore, and have been prayerfully considering what I might do, how I might act and go from there. Cleansing can be difficult, painful and a long process! This could and should hurt, but I long so much to be holy, and a woman after His heart. So during this season of celebration and reflection, I will keep y’all updated on what my goals ands prayers will be for the year 2017!


*I’m going to start doing something fun! At the end of each post, I’ll share another bloggers post that I think you might enjoy! I love spreading the love around.🙂 This week’s love share is:  Heidi, over at Torah Family Living. The post I’ll be sharing has a wonderful 8 part story of the Maccabees revolt, perfect for Hanukkah with young children!! 😉   (I get nothing from promoting her, her blog, or her book. Just the joy of sharing!)





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