Memorial Day

Between 1868 and 1971, Memorial Day was recognized on May 30th.  Thereafter, it was the last Monday of May, to ensure another 3 day holiday weekend.

It was originally called Decoration Day, and many places claim the origins of the holiday. One thing is clear, however…it is a holiday meant to remember and thank those who’ve paid the full price of duty to country, and countrymen.

As much as the day heralds the beginning of Summer, and BBQs, it also brings about a sobering aspect. Without the cost of so many lives, this country would not be where it is now.

This is something I reflect on, and speak about frequently. Why?

Because their lives deserve to be remembered. Their sacrifice is something to be thankful for. Their families deserve the extra prayers and thoughts, regardless of current holiday or not.


So this Memorial Day weekend…thank those you know who have served, or are currently serving in a branch of the military. They put up with a lot, for little pay, little thanks, and little recognition.


To those I know personally…thank you. More than you know, thank you.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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