Dusty Roads And Summer Memories

Last night, before bed, I was looking at pictures that reminded me of growing up. I grew up in a small town in Central California. Oh, the things I did… 🙂

Lots of back-road racing, or crusing. Many bon-fires, and camping excursions. Many late night trips to the WalMart, just to play hide n seek. (we were 15-18…really grown up!) A few late night runs to the beach, and one memorable experience with a beach bon-fire.  (This beach is the property of the local Air Force base, and fire was banned. Needless to say, it is entertaining to remember now.)

Lots of long nights at friends houses, playing games, listening to music, laughing, sometimes crying….

It was a good childhood.

Sometimes I forget the extent of my youthful happening’s. So many times, I should have gotten into trouble, but didn’t.

I remember hearing what my parents did, and their parents did, as they grew up. Very similar things happened with each generation. Children, and teens, will be children. Yes, sure this stuff can be dangerous, and usually involves some level of law breaking. I’m not saying that that part of it is okay.

But somewhere along the line, our society has forgotten the fun, excitement and joy of simpler things. When did it become wrong for children to dance on dirt roads, run on the beach at night or laugh with loud music? Children, of most ages, experience things that we adults have forgotten about. Nothing is wrong with this…age has a way of maturing us, and teaching us. But if we didn’t have the circumstances to draw from, to mature from…leaves me to wonder if we’re really rounded out from being mature…

This is this mornings musing…as I listen to Miranda Lambert, and continue to remember the fun times of my own youth.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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