What, I Can’t Hear You!

I’m just going to make an honorable mention, that for the 3rd day in a row, my hearing is impaired. Not sick, so it’s an over abundance of wax. (EW!) I’ve tried cleaning it, with various methods, and none have worked. I’m beginning to have compassion on those whose hearing is impaired all of the time.

Simple is As Simple Does

What I really wanted to talk about is…something I think I’ve talked about before. The influx of information. So in my small steps to a  ‘less is more’ lifestyle, I’ve noticed that I have a lot of stuff. I have a lot of books, on my shelves and on my kindle. I have a lot of full cupboards, and email boxes. I have a lot of paperwork, and pinterest pins. I have a lot.

So why do I feel so poor…?

Why So Poor?

What is it, that makes someone feel poor?

I’m sure things like comparison, society expectations and personal dreams, play a part in this feeling. I cant help but ask myself if there is something else that is working to convince me I’m poor.

Maybe there is something to those who believe that when you have a lot of stuff, and continue on the rat-wheel of consumerism, you’re missing the point, and not able to enjoy the now. Emily, over at Live Renewed, wrote a post on ten reasons why her family lives with less stuff. I truly believe she wrote that for me. Every point is one I’ve made to myself, or to hubby. The biggest point from her list, is that I’m just overwhelmed. It’s mostly me taking care of the house, and while I generally don’t mind it, it’s very easy for my to be overwhelmed. The toys, clothes, books, dishes, trash, cooking, cleaning. Only to start over again the next day. I am blessed to have a family to do these things for, but how many things do we REALLY need?

Is the need for things weighing us down, by the thought of them, the pursuing them, the care of them, that we can’t enjoy the peace of a home that functions well?

Tina, at Lifehack.org, has her own list of benefits of the minimalist lifestyle.  I found it interesting that she mentions peace of mind. In the getting rid of things stage, we lose the stress that abundance might bring. She also mentions happiness, because without all of the ‘more’ around you, you’re able to focus on what really matters. What really makes you happy. This can, of course, be taken the opposite way, but I think she’s on to something.

And finally, Tsh at The Art Of Simple. She said something I’ve heard numerous times before, but this time, it just hit me. You cannot organize clutter. Here I was thinking I just didn’t have the right system, the right tools…and all along it was simply because I had too much, and most of it was not needed.

Final Thoughts

I’m still on this simple road. I’ve been on it for sometime, though I’m in the action section now. I’m going slow, slower than I’d like too. Anyone have a dump truck?! I’m overwhelmed by the process, so I know I need to take small chunks at a time.  It’s definitely a process that takes not only action, but thoughts. Sometimes, in opening that box, I will find the memories of another time. Painful, funny, serious, exciting. With each box opened, each nook and cranny cleared, it’s like cleaning house and cleaning mental house.

Steps Forward

Today, I’m just going to catch up on laundry. Without a washer, I get to lug my clothes to a kind friends house, and enjoy some company while the duds get suds. Our children will get to play with each other, and bond. I think for this week, I’m going to focus on my hall closet. I should take pictures…it’s scary in there. 😉


What can you do, to get rid of some clutter? Have you been considering a more simple life, and been hesitant to start making progress that way? Join me! It’s a little addicting once you begin. 🙂 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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