Weekly Menu

It’s been awhile, a LONG while, since I’ve shared a menu. So here’s a menu! 🙂 I’ve challenged myself to use what we have on hand, which is more than I thought. We sadly, do not have any beef! I left it out overnight last night *gasp* and had to toss it. I’m a sad Peggy. It’s going to be heavy on the poultry around here.

Here’s to making the food taste great and non-similar!


menu pictures


Sunday – BBQ Sausage Rice, with Brussels sprouts.

Monday – Leftover Chicken Cabbage Soup

Tuesday – Roasted Chicken, with steamed broccoli

Wednesday – Chicken Enchiladas, with left over chicken and using the Simple Paleo Tortillas

Thursday – Ground Turkey Spaghetti, with steamed green beans

Friday – Left overs

Saturday – Breakfast for Dinner


A few cravats:

  • I have no recipes I’m following, except for the tortillas. I’m using my skills and what I have on hand, to flavor things. I’ll take notes as I go!
  • I also am going to allow myself to mix these days around, as needed. 😉


What about you? What are your plans?


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