Forced Exile – The Land of No Cell or Net

I woke up this morning, ready to hit the day running. Okay, really more like a steady walk. Hmm. That’s not correct either. Well, I was determined.

I was going to drink some tea, write a blog post, leave some comments on FB and Twitter. And then get the kids day started with their routines.

But it didn’t happen! Instead, the whole town here was in forced technology exile. Of the cellular and internet sort. Let me say, I did not handle this day with grace. Far from it. And that in and of itself was eye opening.

Some of the thoughts from today:

  • We have NO phone, no way to contact people outside our immediate surroundings.
  • I was SO irritated, and took it out on everyone around me.
  • I rely on the internet for so many things, it’s hard to function without them. Things like My Fitness Pal, emails, social media, this blog, Pinterest….


Then I remembered what it was like to have very limited technology influence in my life. It took me back to my own childhood. The one where I had numerous books to turn too, for entertainment. I had a land-line phone, from which I could call my friends who also had one. We’d make plans to hang out that day. And then we WOULD hang out. Have fun. Laugh. Without the presence of screens.


Then I realized, without technology drawing me away from my life, I couldn’t use it as the excuse it became. I did have time to do those cleaning and decluttering projects I’d been meaning too.


My conclusion from this… I want a lot less technology in my life. I need it. We all need it, to be honest. Still trying to find the balance, that seems ever elusive though…



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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