It’s Quiet, Time to Decompress!




It’s Quiet!

It’s quiet here, at almost 11am. Something happens to my body, when things have been so up, up, go, go, noise, noise…and sudden quiet. It literally feels like a weight is lifting, allowing me to fully relax, and rest. Such an odd sensation, and whenever I try to fully explain it…I get weird looks. Or maybe the person is just humoring me, meanwhile I wonder if my crazy is showing.

I remember my Grandmother, and her love of quiet. Listening. She would close her eyes, and just listen. I think now, that she used her whole body, minus the eyes, to ‘see’ her world. She loved all sounds, colors,  tastes, and textures. Thank you Grandma, for passing it down to me.

Stimulation Overload

Today there is so much coming in, grabbing for attention…it’s great to take a break, turn it all off, go outside and sit. Enjoy the sunshine, the birds, the wind in the trees, the sound of children laughing, the sound of your breath in your body…the warmth on your skin, the smell of the grass, trees and flowers.

One of the bloggers I love to follow, Katie from Wellness Mama, has talked about the benefits of being outside, and especially in relation to being barefoot outdoors. She explains, ”

Basically, the theory is that our bodies are meant to come into contact with the Earth (a “grounding” force) on a regular basis. Positive electrons in the form of free radicals (ever heard of those guys?) can build up in our bodies and direct contact with the ground balances this out as it is a negative grounding charge.

Our bodies and cells have electrical energy, and especially with the high prevalence of Electromagnetic waves, Wi-Fi and mobile phone waves, many of us have a high amount of positive electrons built up in our bodies. (source)

She goes on to tell her own story of the use of a earthing mat. I can see the effects of being outside, and in contact with nature, just in my own anxiety levels decreasing, with each moment spent outdoors. The science behind it is nice to know, but at the basic level…I don’t need to know the ‘behind the scenes’ to understand that it’s beneficial for me.

Katie also talks at length about the benefits of sunlight, and being outdoors, which you can read here. What she has found, and shared, just confirms my own observations with myself, my Mom and my Grandmother. (also the kids!)

My Own Observations

Of course, there might be some error in the science behind her findings, but I’m going to say that I agree with her. I’ve been good at listening to my body for some time now, I’ve had 33 years to know it. While I have room for improving on the listening and taking care of it side, I do tend to know what’s going on, more than most others I have seen.

My children benefit greatly from being outside. If they begin showing troubles with appetite, I am beginning to start with re-accessing their outdoor needs. If they are having behavior issues, I take time to look over our daily flow and will usually see too much stimulation of the non-beneficial variety.  I have actually gotten rid of 99% of their electronic toys, in favor of the wooden ones, and a few plastic ones like legos. Less noise, (for all of us!) and more brain activity = more creativity, physical and mental accomplishments, and calmer children.

Basic Needs For Quiet

The following is what I have come to see is vital for most days, and while I can’t always get everything in each day, I aim for weekly!

  • Unplugging is a must.
  • Being outside daily, should be a given.
  • Sunlight is good for us!
  • Being barefoot is also great for us! (Sorry Dad, and Mr. S!)

So…with that said, let’s go get some amazing outdoor benefits! 🙂



    • It’s supposed to be windy today, 20-30mph. This is why I look at a weeks time frame…life makes a steady schedule more difficult to keep!

  1. I agree, too, Peggy, and I aim for outside barefoot times a couple of times a day when weather permits. Enjoy your quiet!

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