Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

I choose to use Eisenhower’s farewell address for a paper in my English class. Although it’s difficult for me to find the bias, rhetoric, fallacies and arguments, I’m glad I chose his speech.  It was very interesting, and a good one.

Now if I can just take a mental moment here, and pray that God helps me to pull what I need too from this speech, and nail the paper, that would be GREAT!

I am still nervous about this class. Well, and the psychology one as well. Which guess what? The assignment this week was late! Not at all my intention, but a  little annoyed with the teacher who doesn’t have a set date by which to submit things, and it’s still THIS week…sigh.

Lesson learned, I suppose! Turn things in ASAP! And work ahead. So I need to pound out this English paper, and then start on next weeks things for both classes.

No more lolly-gagging. No more wasted minutes and hours on bunny trail searches online. I’d get an AAAAAA+++++++ in that, 😉



I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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