4 Tips on Budgeting for Healthy Food



In the foodie world I have become immersed in, it’s become the thing to talk about how you provide good quality foods, on a budget.

The thing it, I have yet to see a post that addresses MY poor budget. There is the tendency to get caught up in the ‘grass fed’, ‘pastured’, ‘organic’, ‘fresh’ world. And not realize that for a lot of Americans, you have to pick one of those classifications, and try not to worry about the rest. Heck, sometimes you can’t even pick one, but you can make better choices.

I have run the gauntlet myself, in striving so hard to meet each of those steps. It just adds more stress, to my already stressed out self. Kind of not the point of the autoimmune healing world.

Last night, I read a post that promised, once again, to help you buy ‘real food’ on a budget. And once again, while thoughtfully written, the cost of the food far exceeds the budget I personally have at my disposal.



4 tips on budgeting for healthy food

So here’s MY thoughts thrown into the mix.

1) It’s important to understand why these foods are so lauded. Education and knowledge is power, so it gives us the opportunity to seek better choices for nutrition for our families.

2) While that’s important knowledge, it must be seen through realistic eyes, and fit within your actual budget. If you can’t afford even the fresh or organic produce, then start your process bye removing the processed, boxed and canned/jarred foods from your menu. Even non-organic produce, when consumed in place of the processed foods, will greatly improve your health!

3) ย Meats. This is where I personally struggle. I’d love to buy the better meats, the grass fed. They are higher in omega 3’s, and aren’t grain fed/finished. However, it’s not often a purchase is in my budget. So I buy the leanest meat, and remove the fats as I can. I also pray over it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4) Lastly…it’s your budget. It’s your grocery basket. Educate yourself, and make the best priorities for your family. Be honest with yourself too. Can you follow a whole foods, or real foods lifestyle? What about just a processed foods and junk free life? Take baby steps. Most importantly, give yourself the permission to not follow the ‘laws’ of these dietary lifestyles! If you can’t, you can’t. Do your best, and make better choices, daily. ๐Ÿ˜‰





Some suggestions I’ve seen, that I LOVE!ย 

  • There are many who suggest growing a small veggie garden, as a way to supplement your produce. I love this idea personally, and I am considering how to incorporate this into our lives now. Learning how to make changes here and there, not just to the actual budget, but to your life, will go a long way towards being healthier.
  • Getting outside more often for that lovely vitamin D, fresh air, and endorphin’s.
  • Laughing with those you love, because laughter releases the happy hormones too, and reduces stress.
  • Experimenting with a chemical free home, and in the process learning that the simple products work just as well, or better, than their chemical counterparts do.


So there you have it. Yet another post on how to eat well on a budget. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope it helps you, at least gives you the breath of fresh air you need, to realize we ALL want to make the best choices for OUR families. So make them, and let those who are further along in their journey to afford all of these classifications at once.ย 



  1. Peggy, I am right there with you. I am in the process of removing processed/boxed foods. I am not buying organic veg. unless it is on sale and is only a few pennies more than non organic veg. I do garden so soon most of our veg will come out of there. I use hotcouponworld.com coupon database for coupons. And I keep an eye out for close out price tags in the aisle. And in the meat department (especially Food Lion) I find reduced organic chicken.

    • I usually buy reduced price meat, when I can. Lately, I’ve been finding grass fed beef, and pastured chicken at my local Walmart of all places! I will purchase some each month as a treat. I also follow the Clean 15 Dirty 12 rule as closely as I can. My children love apples, so I make sure we get organic for that. They eat them so much, it’s worth the extra cost to reduce the pesticides, and other chemicals, they’d consume from them.

      I am looking at bucket gardening! Should be fun lol The kids will love it, ๐Ÿ™‚

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