It’s May now, that much closer to Summer time.

Cookouts, B-B-Qs, water.

Strawberries, ice cream cones and warm skin.

The smell of hot grass, crickets, and giggles.

Lightening bugs, cool grass in the shade, water balloons.

I think I understand now, why so many enjoy the warmer months. I’m still a cold weather gal, but this year, I think it’s time to start enjoying each season!

Just the name: Summertime – brings back up nostalgia of a time gone by, and a day when life could be care free.

And saying that makes me want to watch Sweet Home Alabama.

And Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

I still haven’t seen them.

It’s going on about 2 months of wanting to see these movies…

Might be time to think about buying them, right? 😉


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