Random, Shmandom





I want coffee. I’m so desperate for it. Cotton mouth is crazy this morning.

Weighed myself, down 4lbs from last  Monday. Is the coffee-no-coffee related? Not sure.

So sleepy, yesterday I was very sluggish and foggy in the afternoon. I hadn’t realized just how much the coffee was keeping me ‘alert’.

Though I protest that, because I sure didn’t feel alert!





Today begins the new classes, English and Psychology. I need all me mental abilities for these!

So come on brain…clear up, please?

I have food issues. I admit that. 100%

It sucks, because unlike other addictions, we need food to survive.

I can’t just practice avoidance methods, or lose friends that support the habit.

Anyways…time to go. Have to find my energy somewhere, and clean up a little.


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