Late Night

Long days, and longer nights.

Just finished my assignments for my first two finals.

Whew! That’s over with, on to the next set of classes!

I’ve been in school for 9 weeks now, and let me just say, I really don’t feel like I have.

Sure, sometimes I do.

Like when I’m logged into the ecampus, and doing my thing.

But most of the time, I’m just me.



Random blogger

Funky Chef

Avid reader

Amuetur photog

Hit-and-miss house cleaner

Social media stalker…

I so need to fix that last one, because even I annoy myself, at times.

How many times can a person post in one day?!

Anything over 5 is crazy, and I average over 10 daily.

Like you need to knoq every single detail of my life, right? 😉




  1. There is something so peaceful, so steady about being “me”, being with “my” thoughts, myself. We can be enything, life you said, wife, mom, buisness woman, blogger, high school student. But I believe none of it defines us. Only we define us. I know it’s not what you wrote about, but these are the words that came to my mind once I finished reading 🙂

    • No, you’re right! Those roles don’t define us. 🙂 Those are hats we can wear throughout our days, and we can forget that there’s someone under all of that.

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