Massive Storms

Last night, I was restless, not sleeping.


*not an actual picture of this storm.


But with this massive storm on the east coast, I know more were wide awake, hearing alarms going off through-out the night. According to this article from CNN, 29 people have lost their lives so far. And 75 million are being effected by this storm.

Many are saying this will be the worst tornado season in history. Comforting, isn’t that?


So last night I was up, off and on, checking on Facebook. Making sure my friends were okay. Praying. Praying a lot.

For those of us, who are not under any threats from these storms, it can be hard to understand fully, just what they go through. But I would suggest that regardless of that, we pray for those who are effected right now.


Today, I will by thankful for the what I have, and for moderate weather myself. As much as I love storms, one that covers not just the eastern coast, but most of the south and mid-west, is just a little….huge.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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