I Choose Carefully



Hi there.

Yeah, I didn’t just fall off of the fitness wagon, I jumped. I am not going to sit here and expound on the particulars. I need to stop over-thinking things.

What I am going to say is this, I am not a quitter. I have made a habit of it in the past.  However, I refuse to call myself this anymore.

Instead, I will say I’m on a journey. A really odd, curvy type of journey. One full of ups and downs. Lefts when I should have gone straight. Rights when I should have just stood still.

Y’all. NO ones journey is a perfect line! NOT A SINGLE SOUL! 

I encourage you, and issue a challenge as well, to take hold of those thoughts that tell you, you can’t. Toss them aside.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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