Whole30 No More, And A Realization

…or two. 


Y’all. I’m done with Whole30. In fact, I’m done with Paleo, vegetarian, AIP, and any manner of ‘dietary lifestyle’ that is supposed to help with various health issues. If you want to feel like Alice going down that rabbit hole, just tag along in my memories of this part year. A person can get insanely obsessive about this stuff, it they don’t watch out.

And I didn’t watch out. 

Thankfully, I have some good family and friends, who’ve dropped hints (or straight up told me to STOP IT). It just took my a little longer to ‘get it’. 😉

Why am I stopping? Because it was driving me crazy, and very much so it was harming my already iffy relationship with food. We can deduce that my history with food isn’t the best, but this last year it had gotten progressively worse.  To the point that all food was the enemy. Really y’all?! Yes, there are things I’ve learned that I can’t unlearn now. There are things I know, and will therefore change based on that knowledge. But it can go overboard, VERY easily for me.

I won’t sit here and list everything I AM eating…or the things I’m avoiding. What I will tell you is this…

  • I want it to be comfort food.
  • I want it to be yummy.
  • I want it to be memory makin’ food with my kids.
  • I want it to nourish our bodies AND our minds.
  • I want to love the food I eat, and know it’s loving me back.
  • I want to see the food as fuel AND comfort, family, celebration.
  • There has to be a way to balance all of that…right?!
  • I never ask for much. Ahem.


When you face your food issues head on, it can be good. Just remember that it will take a  life time of effort, to keep the relationship healthy. This life I have is lived just once. I want to enjoy life, enjoy family, and not feel like food is the enemy. Hard to do at times, but that’s my aim. 


Here’s to food! Oh, and I’ve since made 3-4 more food boards on Pinterest. Haha…um Southern Food is one of them. Y’all, I’m a California born and raised- wanna be Southern- type of gal…I’m odd. 




  1. I love this, because as much as you are inspiring in your desire to become healthy, there was no way to even try to keep up with you even remotely. Because for me I need to make sustainable changes that I can keep over the long term…which for me means that I can’t go to extremes and expect it to work. While for you this may not have looked extreme in your life….those same steps in my life would have been so extreme that I could have never expected to carry it over the long term.

    I will make healthier choices…however will it ever all be healthy? I really don’t know. It is not realistic that I will ever give any food up altogether unless it was demanded by a doctor. It is more likely that I would do things in moderation. Even some cheating on occasion…but overall making healthier habits to improve my lifestyle.

    • There have been times I couldn’t keep with the changes I wanted to make. Thus, where I am right now. And your goals are great ones, even small choices add up over time, and ever good choice you make, or change you make is great. I need to remind myself of this, daily! 🙂

      Keep up the good work, Deanna!

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