Whole30 – Day 3

…and I’m ready to throw in the towel. 

I lied. 

I’ve cheated every day. 

I have also not worked out since Saturday, and it’s getting to me. I feel like a complete failure this morning!  Things go well for me, and then BAM! It all falls out of my hand, in a jumbled mess. Now I’m left thinking, am I trying to do too much at once? If so…what needs to go? What pressures am I placing on myself that aren’t necessary right now?

Then I have to think, am I giving myself an excuse here? It’s a lot of thought. Probably too much. You may have noticed, that I think too much. 😉 I’ll be giving thought to my routine, life, fitness, menu, school, etc and see what needs to be further adjusted. Finding something that I love, keeps me going and I jump out of bed for, is my goal.


I will finish this day Whole30 approved, and see where I end up tonight. I need to pray about it. I haven’t done that as WELL as I should, it was more of a ‘popcorn’ prayer, and that isn’t right either.


Have you ever hit a wall, and just needed to take a moment and think about what needed to be changed? If so, please share in the comments! Please tell me I’m not alone! 😉



  1. Peggy of course you are not alone! I have not eaten to plan at times. You put something on baby steps but I didnt read it but I do believe very much in baby steps. Maybe you are taking on to much after all you are a mommy and wife too. Exercise is important but 80% of weight loss AND body health is diet. Walk, I know I loved to run too, but check out older runners who no longer run and can hardly walk, everyday and concentrate on diet and especially gluten avoidance. You can do this! Just dont lie to yourself. I say that because you said l lied do what you can to keep your self efacacy (sp) you lose more trust in yourself when you lie to yourself and dont follow thru so do what you can once you’ve got that go to a next step. You have done so well so dont throw up your hands and think you may as well give up! So not true!! Its like going from here to there without a map. If I ended up in L.A. I may have to regroup at Disneyland but I’d take another road out to get there. Its ok to tweak. Its not ok to tweak. Go to the Father for His strength ask for His wisdom. Hugs and much love

  2. This post is exactly me. Gung-ho the first week or two, then I slowly taper off. Yesterday while driving to work, I had 45 min to my self. I just sat there and prayed. I prayed for everything I am usually to stubborn to ask for help with.
    A) my anger and bitterness towards dealing with my ex. He knows it’s like poking a bear with a stick and he does it so well. Why can’t I just not not get angry?
    B) my health. Why do
    I have basically zero self control with something that should be so easy? I need help
    C) wine. I love wine and can drink like a fish. I need to cut wayyyyy back.
    I feel you Peggy. I believe we can do this together from afar.

    • Sarah, That’s great that you did that. We forget to go to Him when we’re facing our habits and seeing that it’s hard. And yes we can do this. One day at a time, one choice at a time, one issue at a time. ❤ Love ya Sarah!

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