Whole30 Day 0

It’s the night before my Whole30 – vegetarian style experiment. I don’t know what to expect. Though I have to admit, I’m scared of cheating. The whole purpose of joining some friends for this, is that I HAVE been cheating. Eating things I know without a doubt that I shouldn’t be.  So, I’ll have the support of those lovely ladies, during this.


I’m also choosing to do the vegetarian Whole30, because I’m still searching for an eating life that makes me feel better. I hesitate to even say I’m doing the vegetarian style, because names of diet-methods drive me crazy. For some time now, I’ve seen that a great number of people from one end of the food spectrum to the other have healed themselves with food. GOOD food. Organic food(s). Food that is as close to it’s natural state as possible, without all of the additives, fillers, chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.  I’ve seen enough, to realize that every single persons food journey will look different. And the key to good (dare I say, GREAT?) health, is going to look different from one person to the next.

I will admit now, that I don’t fully agree with everything vegetarian/vegan, nor do I with Paleo/Primal. My food philosophy is probably very odd to some, but…it is what it is!


So…here’s to a wonderful 30 days, in this journey of mine. To a happy, healthier me…where ever I end up on the food ‘fight’.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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