The Truth About Exercise

Well MY truth about it, when I have an un-medicated thyroid disease. I still cringe, admitting that out-loud. But it is what it is! 



This past week, I’ve been feeling sluggish, tired and very un-motivated. Sore, cranky, moody. I’ve been doing some thinking about my exercise, what my goals are. What I want from it.

I love seeing how each day makes my body stronger.

I love seeing that my emotions are more stable after working out.

But I think I was doing too much, too soon.


So instead of just saying screw it, although I have to admit I kind of did. For 30 minutes. I said, okay…this means it’s time to re-think the plan, completely. Now, I am giving myself a rest day every other day. I’m still going to finish out the T25, but I’m going to rest between days. I’m also going to add in some yoga, since I love the balance, and stability it brought me in the past. On top of that, and at this point it seems like a lot still, I’m going to continue the C25K program, and jog. I love the fresh air, birds, trees, too much to give it up. Some weeks I might do more jogging, some more yoga, some more T25, but I will keep active. And not give myself the excuse to stop, quit or (insert reasoning here).

Part of changing your life, one step at a time, is allowing for life to happen. Accepting that things will slow you down, get in the way, get overwhelming, etc.


Yesterday, I didn’t want to work out. In fact, I just wanted to curl up with a heating pad, eat ice cream and check out mentally. And I did…for about 30 minutes. Then the brain started thinking at me: this is your old self, Peggy. Why are you letting it make choices again? This is what got you here in the first place…I though you wanted to change. All of that ’embrace the pain’ mantra, and small steps, you keep jabbering about. 

And it hit me: this is where the rubber REALLY meets the road. When you want to give up and in, when you choose to make a bad choice…you still have time THAT DAY to change the outcome. So yes, I did end up working out. It wasn’t 100%, because my body was sore, and my attitude wasn’t completely there. But I did it. And wouldn’t you know, afterwards I felt better? I still had a bit of the ‘I’m beat’ feeling, but it was a moment also of thank goodness I did it, and I AM changing.

They say the brain is the last to change. It’s also the place you find your motivation. The place you will find your reason(s). The body follows along, where ever the brain leads. I’ve lived a lot of my life, letting the body decide things, and my brain got a ride through life. Now, I’m dealing with a disease that makes the brain foggy, sluggish and numb. This may be a coincidence, but I find it ironic. You don’t value something, until you lose it, or it becomes weaker.

This life is the only one I have to live, and each day is a new day to make the right choices, and live my life to the Glory of God.

I have forgotten that part of this journey. God. How could it?! He can help with every aspect of life…even food and exercise! The basics. So often, we forget to invite Him into all the parts of our lives. I am guilty of this, oh so much! So this new leaf I’m turning, once again, is to include Him, invite Him, call on His help; because obviously, left to my own devices, I would be lazy, fat, and a glutton!



Do you have an exercise plan that works for you? Are you excited to get to it? Does it help you deal with other demands on your life? 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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